Ear Flap Hat In Progress

by Penguin_Lass

image ©2022 Penguin_Lass
image ©2022 Penguin_Lass
image ©2022 Penguin_Lass
image ©2022 Penguin_Lass
A Practical Animal Cracker Hat
US 6 DPNs, US 6 circs, stitch makers, 5 colors of yarns
There will be 6 of these made.

Project journal

2022-01-11 23:00:58 UTC

Blue - Muted Yellow, Muted Red, Dark Green, Bright Orange, Bright Blue

Made a pompom for the top. did not make braids for this one.

2022-01-09 22:57:56 UTC

Red - Bright Blue, Bright Yellow, Bright Orange, Bright Green, Bright Red

Did ribbing and 10 strand braids

2022-01-08 22:56:49 UTC

Green - Bright Yellow, Burnt Orange, Grey Blue, Dark Red

Made three strand braids

2022-01-07 22:55:44 UTC

Orange - Bright Orange, Medium Teal, Dark Red, Grey Blue, Bright Yellow

made two braids for the ear flaps