Teal and Gray towels Finished

by Char

image ©2020 Char
image ©2020 Char
Plaid plain weave
I started making these towels with Ice Yarn Natural Cotton Air - will not be ordering this at gain! Very course yarn. Totally ditched the warp and project. This warp is on a 12 dent heddle. 12 slots and 12 holes per stripe, 11 stripes total. I warped approx 10 feet with the hopes of practicing some pick up stick patterns after two plaid towels are made. Much happier with this. I am using 8/4 Brassard Maurice Cotton. Very soft. The one spool is enough to warp 10 feet, I have enough cotton left to do at least three towels in this plaid pattern - maybe four? I ended with two plaid, one towel I played with pickup sticks and one narrower piece I did additional pick up sticks. Overall happy with the results.

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