Dystopian Garden In progress

by Rubyyarn

image ©2020 Rubyyarn
image ©2020 Rubyyarn
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Knitted Strawberry socks
US #1 needles
Hadn't planned to do another pair of socks just yet, but sore feet prevent my working the loom. Plus the country is going you-know-where in some kind of basket. Time for a scrap sock! So cool that Fiberkind has a dedicated place for projects! Details: KnitPicks Palette in MaiTai and Stellar, Macauslan Shetland in a mossy green shade

Project journal

2020-12-26 17:15:33 UTC

Slowly figuring out this site. Apparently photos go in through the initial post. Ran into trouble last night when the instructions said to fold the cuff and knit the current row to the cast-on row. They didn't say how to accomplish that at night, in winter, with a dark and splitty yarn!

Got it done today, though, with the help of daylight and some strong reading glasses. For sock #2 I think I'll try a provisional cast-on, just in case it is night when this part comes round again.

For the record, I think SkeinLink is brilliant!

2020-12-24 20:26:55 UTC

Still learning how to use this site...

Can't find a way to upload pictures. Hmmm...