Stranger Cardigan In Progress

by Heather Athebyne

Stranger Cardigan by Michiyo
Using Dale Hegre in color 3841

Project journal

2021-02-07 12:59:26 UTC

Starting to seam the sleeves; the back is already done, but I'm going to take it out and redo it to preserve the ridge at the edge of the cable panels.

2021-02-07 12:51:21 UTC

This one has been languishing for a couple of years now since I've been putting off the seaming. (I'll bet none of you have ever done that before...)

2018-08-08 12:52:20 UTC

Finished the two fronts yesterday. Using the 44 3/4" finished dimensions with the 41" stitch counts on account of my larger gauge.

2018-07-28 12:58:03 UTC

Loving this pattern so far. The cabling is easier than expected, and the (unfortunately discontinued) yarn is enjoyable to work with.

2018-07-27 12:58:32 UTC